When people think Beefsteak tomatoes, they usually think of the classic Tomato Beefsteak, a big red tomato that so many people grow in their gardens.

As lovely as a big Beefsteak tomato can be, did you know there are many other popular and rare tomato varieties that are also beefsteak styled.

Below is a list of Beefsteak tomato varieties that we sell, and our thoughts.

Beefsteak Tomato

One of our most popular tomatoes this produces a number of large red beef tomatoes in a season.Beefsteak tomato seeds

Big Beef Tomato

One of the few large tomatoes growing on a small determinate bush, Big Beef produces its big fat red tomatoes on a bush that can be less than a metre tall. You can grow this in a pot, but you need to keep the water up to it every day if you do this.

Brandywine Pink Tomato

Another of the most popular beefsteak style tomatoes, this produces large tomatoes with a lovely pinkish hue.

Brandywine Red Tomato

The same as the tomato above, but with a stronger red colour.

Black Krim Tomato

An unusual dark skinned beefsteak tomato this has a smoky flavour, and is very tasty.

Cherokee Purple Tomato

One of the tastiest large tomatoes, this amazing tomato has dark coloured skin with a deep red and sweet tasting flesh. Tomato Purple Cherokee seeds

Aunt Ruby’s Green Tomato

A very sweet tasting tomato with green skin when ripe and a yellowish flesh.

Giant Tree Tomato

Under the right conditions this variety can grow into an absolute monster plant. Most of us will fail to achieve such heights with the plant, but it will still grow well and produce lots of large beefsteak style tomatoes.

Big Rainbow Tomato

A delicious bi-coloured beefsteak tomato with yellow streaks on the red skin. A great slicing tomato but the seeds are not always available. Grab them when you can.

Pineapple Tomato

Another bi-coloured beefsteak tomato with an amazing sweet taste, the pineapple is one of my favourite tomatoes to grow. If you buy seeds of this variety from us, they are most likely from my garden this season.

Tasmanian Yellow Beef Tomato

A semi determinate tomato variety that produces amazingly large, yellow beef tomatoes. Strong producer, great flavour and another tomato variety I grow every year.

Mortgage Lifter Tomato

Perhaps one of the most well known varieties on this list, the bright red Mortgage Lifter is known for its very large tomatoes. In the right conditions it produces a large crop, but it can also struggle with mildew issues in damper environments.

Ponderosa Pink

An attractive beefsteak style tomato with a lovely pinkish hue.

Evergreen Tomato

A prolific green tomato that ripens to a beautiful green/ yellow tinge. One I grow every year.

Giant Syrian

Produces heavy yields of pinkish- red tomatoes that can grow very large in size.


Thats our full range of Beefsteak style tomatoes. Why not try a few new beefsteak’s in your garden this year?

We also have a Giant Tomato Mix, which has random large Beefsteak style varieties in the seed mix.

Happy Gardening!