We have grown vegetables in deserts, with only rainwater to use, in climates where the temperatures get up to the mid 40’s C and higher and where the rainfall is less than 200mm a year. In environments like that, you need to be smart and plant your vegetables wisely. When the packet says full sun, you know better because your full sun will cook an egg in minutes! You know your vegetables are better in shade, with drip irrigation so no drop of water is wasted.

We have grown vegetables in coastal sand dunes, where the soil has no life, and doesn’t hold any moisture for long.

We have grown vegetables in the tropics, where the sweat drips off you the moment you step outside.

And we grow vegetables today in the cool lush climate of coastal Tasmania, where the short days and cool nights bring their own challenges.

We have even grown cucumbers in a cupboard during the winter – and the aphids still found them!

It doesn’t matter where you live, it is possible to grow your own vegetables. You just have to adapt to the conditions and then outsmart them!

We don’t just sell seeds, we have walked the same journey most of you are on.

We have experienced the frustrations of seeds that don’t germinate when you want them to.

We know what its like to watch the seedlings grow too slowly, or wilt from fungus gnats.

We know what it’s like to take that first bite from this seasons crop – there is nothing like the taste of a freshly picked tomato. No shop can ever beat that!

Good luck with your gardening…


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