Every year we test the seeds we sell you to make sure the germination rate is satisfactory.

Why? Because often customers will sow seeds when the conditions are too cool in the early part of the season. And when the seeds don’t germinate they think there is something wrong with the seed. This is rarely, if ever, true. After all, you could plant 10 year old tomato seeds and still get a good germination rate.

We plant 20 seeds(unless indicated below) of a variety into seed raising mix in our greenhouse. The seed trays are heated on a heat mat to ensure a consistently warm temperature day and night. We then record and photograph the seeds when they germinate and post those photos here on this website so you the customer can see how the seeds perform in optimum conditions.

Terms… S = Sow then date in DD/MM format G = Germination date in DD/MM format. (X) x = number of days for seed to break the surface. GR = Germination rate as a percent Y= if we planted less than 20 seeds the number is indicated here. Sometimes we might just plant 2 or 3, for something like cucumbers.

Vegetable Germination Testing Results 2023

Germination Tomato Black Russian August 2023Germination Casady's Folly tomato august 2023GH germination Tomato BeefsteakGermination Tomato San Marzano
Tomato Black RussianTomato Casady's FollyTomato BeefsteakTomato San Marzano
S 01/08 G 04/08 (3) 95%S 01/08 G 04/08 (3) 100%S 29/07 G 02/08 (4) 95%S 27/07 G 01/08 (5) 90%
Sunrise Bumble Bee Germination after 2 wksCherokee Purple germination timeTomato Sweetie Germination timeTomato Orange Cherry Germination time
Tomato Sunrise Bumble Bee
(after 2 wks)
Tomato Cherokee PurpleTomato SweetieTomato Orange Cherry
Y (10)
S 01/08 G 03/08 (2) 95%S 01/08 G 04/08 (3) 95%S 28/07 G 01/08 (4) 90%S 29/07 G 03/08 (5) 95%
Tomato Brandywine Pink Germination time AustraliaTigerella Germination time AustraliaTomato Roma Germination Time AustraliaTomato Black Cherry Germination Time Australia
Tomato Brandywine PinkTomato TigerellaTomato RomaTomato Black Cherry
S 29/07 G 03/08 (5) 95%S 28/07 G 05/08 (8) 90%S 29/07 G 03/08 (5) 90%S 29/07 G 03/08 (5) 95%
Germination Time Cucumber Lebanese AustraliaCucumber Beit Alpha Germination Time AustraliaGermination Time Carolina Reaper AustraliaGermination Time Scotch Bonnet Chillies Australia
Cucumber Lebanese
Y (5)
Cucumber Beit Alpha
Y (6)
Chilli Carolina Reaper
Y (3)
Chilli Scotch Bonnet Red
Y (10)
S 29/07 G 03/08 (5) 100%S 29/07 G 03/08 (5) 100%S 16/07 G 31/07 (15) 100%S 20/07 G 02/08 (13) 90%
Germination testing tomato Yellow Banana LegsGermination testing Tiny Tim tomatoGermination testing Green ElfGermination testing Totem tomato
Tomato Yellow Banana Legs (5)Tomato Tiny Tim (10)Tomato Green ElfTomato Totem
S 07/08 G 09/08 (2) 100%S 07/08 G 09/08 (2) 90%S 07/08 G 12/08 (5) 95%S 07/08 G 09/08 (2) 90%
germination testing cucumber patio snackergermination testing kashmiri chilli
Cucumber Patio Snacker (4)Tomato Window Sill Yellow (10)Tomato Big Beef (5)Chilli Kashmiri (5)
S 07/08 G 09/08 (2) 100%S 07/08 G 12/08 (5) 100%S 07/08 G 11/08 (4) 100%S 03/08 G 11/08 (8) 100% [pre soaked]


I often hear people say that seeds that sink are good to plant but seeds that float are not viable.

Can I just say that this is RUBBISH! There is no scientifically proven correlation between a seed sinking and floating and whether it will germinate.

Here is some proof…

And just for the record, during our germination tests these are the materials used. We havent added links as we don’t sell them and are not affiliates of the products.

HEAT MatMini greenhouseRack
Heat mat for raising seedlingsMini greenhouse for seedlingsRack for placing heat mat upon