We offer you a 100% guarantee of your purchase when you buy our products.

What does this mean? If you believe the seeds were faulty in some way and they didn’t germinate successfully, contact us and we will either refund your purchase or resend the item. If you never received your order, contact us and we will either refund your purchase or resent the item, which ever is relevant in the circumstances. All you ever have to do is contact us and we will resolve any issues you have with our products.

Some important notes

We usually only have customers complain about poor germination during spring. We hate to mention it, but this is not because there is something faulty with the seeds, it is because you are planting the seeds too early and the conditions are not right for them. If the soil temperature is too cold, seeds will not germinate, end of story. If you want more information on how to germinate look at our page on germination here. Sometimes, rarely, we screw up and send the wrong seeds to you. It’s ok, no need to panic. Let us know and we will resend a replacement by Priority Post. We are here to share the joy of growing vegetables and flowers with you. If you have a problem, just drop us a line.