CHILLI seed mix 25+ summer vegetable mixed varieties


PREMIUM CHILLI SEED MIX – This is our popular and amazing mix of fantastic chillies. Some are rare, some are scorchingly hot, this is a totally random mix of 25 seeds or more from our garden. You won’t buy this anywhere else. All the seeds are mixed up into one packet. There will be at least one super hot chilli, one mild red chilli and some coloured chillies.

Order before 12 noon, we post today.

✅ 25 + seeds
✅ Min 10 different varieties
✅ Hot chilli seeds
✅ Produce lots of mild to hot fruit.
✅ Various colours
✅ Great tasting
✅ Perfect as a gift
❌ Can not send to WA.
ⓘ growing instructions below

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Seeds per packet 25+ Germination time 5 – 10 days Germination temp range 20-25C
Sunlight Full /part shade Days to harvest 80 + days Plant height 1.6+ m
Sowing depth 5mm Plant spacing 0.5+ m Rows apart 0.6+ m
Cool areas Sept – Dec Temperate areas Aug – Feb Tropical areas Feb – Aug

NOTE: These plants need staking. Keep well watered. Pick when they are mature to encourage more fruit. To reduce the risk of disease do not water overhead.

Chilli Seed mix
CHILLI seed mix 25+ summer vegetable mixed varieties

16 in stock