Radish Minowase Daikon heirloom seeds


This is a packet of 50 premium quality, organic and heirloom Minowase (Daikon) radish seeds.

This Daikon radish is pure white with smooth flesh and very juicy, less pungent, taste.

They have a great taste and grow well through winter. Try some today!

Matures in 6+ weeks.

The seeds are sent to you in a ziplock pack and come with growing instructions.

Please note – we can not send seeds to WA.

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Minowase Radish is a very popular white radish that is also known as Japanese Daikon. It grows smooth white roots that taper, and has a crisp flavour that is mild. Very attractive looking radish, it can be grown year round in most Australian climate zones. Keep the water up to it in summer and it is best picked when young.

Radish Seeds Mix Sowing Guide – How to Grow Radishes.

Sub Tropical

Radish Growing Guide Planting Instructions

Sowing Depth10mm
Germination time2-14 days
Germination temperature10-30°C (soil temp)
Row Spacing30cm
Plant Spacing8cm
ConditionsFull/part sun
SoilWell drained
Days til Maturity55+
NOTES :Radish grow fast but for maximum taste keep well watered. Best picked young, can attract aphids.

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Radish minowase daikon seeds
Radish Minowase Daikon heirloom seeds

10 in stock

Quantity Discounts

Quantity234 - 10