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An unusual vegetable that is common in Asian cooking. Also known as Chinese Lettuce, this vegetable is a member of the lettuce family. It features edible green leaves, which can be eaten like lettuce, and a thick stem, which can also be cooked.

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✅ 500 + seeds
✅ Asian Vegetable
✅ Edible leaves
✅ Edible stem
✅ Variety of lettuce
✅ Unusual vegetable

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Celtuce Seed Sowing Guide – How to Grow Celtuce. Please note your own local micro climate may allow for a longer or shorter growing season than indicated below.

Sub Tropical

CELTUCE Growing Guide Planting Instructions.

Sowing Depth5 mm
Germination time7-21 days
Germination temperature5-22°C (soil temp)
Row Spacing40cm
Plant Spacing40cm
ConditionsFull/part sun
SoilWell drained
Days til Maturity90+
NOTES :Pick leaves when desired.

NOTE: Celtuce is a cool climate vegetable.Best to sow at the end of summer in warm areas, can be sown in spring in cooler climates. If the temperature is too hot, stem development will be restricted. Celtuce has a low germination rate, and takes time to develop. Pick leaves often to encourage more growth and be patient for stem development.

Celtuce seeds online
CELTUCE seeds Chinese Lettuce

19 in stock

Quantity Discounts

Quantity234 - 10