KASHMIRI chilli seeds heirloom

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Rare and hard to find authentic Kashmiri chilli seeds for the home gardener! These amazing, vibrant red chillies are mild tasting and produce a beautiful redness in your Indian dishes when cooking. When turned into a powder, the dried Kashmiri chillies are beautifully fragrant. We grow these ourselves every year and have a limited number of seed packets available each season. Get in quick while they last. Free delivery!

✅ 10+ seeds
✅ CHILLI ~ Kashmiri
✅ Ripens to long red pod.
✅ Mild heat, used for its classic red colouring.
✅ Indian variety, grown in Tasmania.
✅ Classic Indian cuisine.

❌ Can not send to WA.
ⓘ growing instructions below

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Seeds per packet 10+ Germination time 10 – 40 days Germination temp range 18 – 35C
Sunlight Full /part shade Days to harvest 70 + days Plant height 1+ m
Sowing depth 5mm Plant spacing 0.4 – 0.6m Rows apart 0.8 – 1.2m
Cool areas Sept – Nov Temperate areas Aug – Feb Tropical areas All year

NOTE: May need staking. Can grow over winter in warmer regions. Kashmiri chilli seeds can be very stubborn to germinate. They need patience!

Kashmiri Chilli seeds
KASHMIRI chilli seeds heirloom

13 in stock