ORANGE CARROT seed mix 300+ summer vegetable mixed varieties

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PREMIUM ORANGE SEED MIX – This is our popular and tasty mix of lovely orange carrots. Long skinny carrots, short stumpy carrots and everything in between. This is a totally random mix of 300 seeds or more from our garden. You won’t buy this anywhere else. All the seeds are mixed up into one packet. There will be a variety of types and growing styles.

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✅ 300 + seeds
✅ Min 6 different varieties
✅ Long carrots, short carrots.
✅ All orange carrot varieties
✅ Disease resistant
✅ Great tasting
✅ Perfect as a gift
❌ Can not send to WA.
ⓘ growing instructions below

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Seeds per packet 50+ Germination time 14 – 21 days Germination temp range 10-29C
Sunlight Full /part shade Days to harvest 120 + days Plant height 0.3+ m
Sowing depth 5mm Plant spacing 0.05+ m Rows apart 0.3+ m
Cool areas Aug-Mar Temperate areas Dec – Apr Tropical areas Feb – Sept

NOTE: Can be grown any time of year outside of extreme conditions.

orange carrot seeds mix buy carrots online
ORANGE CARROT seed mix 300+ summer vegetable mixed varieties

18 in stock